Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods


Armed with the shirt from a previous costume and an old pair of jeans that had seen better days, West set out into the night clad in his improvised Werewolf costume ready to attend the party. It had all been a last-minute affair. Normally he put a lot more time into his costumes, devising a new one each year and never going as the same thing twice. But for a while it had seemed like the annual night of drinking and dressing up would be cancelled due to lack of a venue. Only for a friend's grandparents to be going out of town for the weekend and leaving their lakeside estate out in the woods completely empty just a few days before Halloween! Everyone had scrambled to get together and supply the food and decorations... which had left the deer with precious little time to decide what he'd actually be dressing as. So it was that Werewolf West wandered through the woods that night, carrying a six pack of beer and a rucksack of other goodies slung over his shoulder. Trying to navigate with the aid of his phone's apps and battling against an increasingly dodgy signal. Cutting in and out, he swore the damn thing was leading him in circles. A 20 minute walk from where he'd parked the car had turned into an hour and a half of wandering through trees that seemed a lot thicker and more gnarled than he remembered there being on the outskirts of town. The strange shape of the trunks something he tried to blame simply on the dim silver light peeking between the branches. "Hey, are you lost?" Random voices in the middle of the woods would make anyone jump the way West did. Although upon turning and seeing that the source was a goat with pretty golden fur, the deer quickly recovered himself, puffing out his chest and affecting a swagger. Holding up his arms and spreading his fingers to mimic claws. "Oh! Hmm... me? No, I'm a werewolf out on the prowl. Stalking these woods on the hunt for tasty goats!" The caprine chuckled, playing along and taking a cautious step back. "A werewolf, hmm? Well I must say I'm intimidated... but you're awfully well-dressed for a werewolf. Your clothes look barely damaged." "Ah, well..." Looking down at his own costume, West grinned sheepishly. "That part isn't exactly my fault." Raising an eyebrow, the goat started to approach him. Stepping more into the light, West's eyes squinting as he began noticing that the male's hair seemed a little... odd. "Maybe I can help you out there." The goat offered. "Transformation is a key part of the genuine werewolf experience." More than a little on edge now, West turned to glance over his shoulder. "Actually I'm already running late to the party, so I need to- NNNNNGH!" West felt something slick slide up against his ear, muscles seizing up then abruptly relaxing as if paralyzed. He felt a strange sensation pushing itself slowly inside his head. Unable to focus as a white-furred hand pressed against his chest and made him lean back against a tree, putty beneath the goat's fingertips as he sank down until he was sitting by the roots. Eyes glazing over and mouth dropping open with drool beginning to trickle down his chin. He felt the intruding object sliding itself out of his ear. "There you are. Nice and relaxed. We can begin..." The deer's thoughts were non-existent. But his head did turn to watch the goat as he sat himself down in West's lap. Offering no resistance as the goat pressed in to kiss him and a sweet flavour utterly unlike anything he'd ever tasted before washed over his mouth. Paying no mind to the fact he was soon eagerly suckling on a tentacle-shaped tongue for more of it. As he gulped the heavenly nectar down, all around his body his clothing began to rip. Shredding as muscles doubled in size beneath the light of the full moon above. His muscles weren't the only part of him growing. West moaned into the kiss as his erection sprung free from the cloth that had held it prisoner, aphrodisiac juices filling his stomach and further clouding his already scrambled brain. Warmth and tightness sinking down around his engorged shaft, clenching and squeezing to work him up into a rut. He quickly obliged... thrusting away desperately as he was ridden, eliciting several pleased noises from the goat on top of him. Surrendering himself fully to the dark spell that had made him the caprine's plaything. Whatever lingering lucidity West's mind had was completely shattered by his orgasm. The intense sensation of his enlarged manhood reaching climax utterly rendering him a mindlessly horny beast. Pulling up off his cock and away from his lap, a river of the deer's cum oozed out of the goat's ass, leaving the costumed cervine's lap a sticky musky mess. That corrupting golden substance he couldn't get enough of remained coating his tongue even after they broke their kiss. And West sat panting as the goat extended that lithe tentacle-tongue towards his ear again, sliding it painlessly into his brain and- The werewolf blinked. He looked down at his body; at the bulking muscles brimming with power, at the shredded clothing clinging to him as a reminder of civilization's failure to contain his inner beast, and bared his fangs in a rumbling snarl. Yes! He remembered what he was now that the Goat of the Woods had shown him the way! Standing up on clawed paws, the lycanthrope reared back and without hesitation delivered a howl to the heavens. Turning to the caprine behind him with luminous golden eyes and a crazed grin of manic delight. Bounding away into the forest on all fours to hunt, his tongue lolling from his mouth and craving something sweet that would remind him of the same kiss that had brought about his rebirth. Nostrils flaring as he sought out the scents of toffee, caramel, maple candy and anything else that might sate his ravenous sugarlust. Left standing alone back in the forest, the goat waved and watched the deer dash away into the forest completely in character with his costume. A dark smile spreading over his muzzle as he took a moment to relish the feeling of personal delight in having spread the Halloween spirit to another unsuspecting soul.

Commissioned: 8/30/2021

Received: 9/18/2021

Total days: 18

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